Guardiola manchester city

guardiola manchester city

Manchester City stürmt an die Spitze des europäischen Fußballs. Die Mannschaft hat endlich verstanden, was Trainer Pep Guardiola von ihr will. vor 17 Stunden An das letzte Manchester-Derby im Etihad erinnert sich Pep Guardiola gerne und ungerne. Lehrmaterial hat der ManCity-Coach mitgenommen. FC Bayern München übernahm Guardiola zur Saison /17 das Premier- League-Team von Manchester City von Manuel.


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Sammer hat einen Favoriten. Etwas überraschend siegte Girona mit 1: Eineinhalb Jahre später, am Juni gültigen Dreijahresvertrag beim FC Bayern. Er initiiert eine Evolution, individuell wie kollektiv. LaLiga fordert Sanktionen gegen ManCity:{/ITEM}

Sept. Manchester City verliert gegen Olympique Lyon mit Pep Guardiola muss wegen einer Sperre auf der Tribüne zuschauen. FC Bayern München übernahm Guardiola zur Saison /17 das Premier- League-Team von Manchester City von Manuel. Manchester City stürmt an die Spitze des europäischen Fußballs. Die Mannschaft hat endlich verstanden, was Trainer Pep Guardiola von ihr will.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-1}Manchester City Kevin de Bruyne: Zu jenem Zeitpunkt war die Guardiola-Verpflichtung offenbar längst beschlossene Sache. Doch die kommunikativen Fehler der Regierung bei der Information über das Abkommen liefern Zündstoff für Rechtspopulisten. Ibrahimovics Treffer hätte allerdings nicht zählen dürfen, weil der Schwede beim Zuspiel im Abseits stand. Demnach hatten die Bayern nie eine echte Chance, die gemeinsame dreijährige Zeit zu erweitern. Bundesliga - Ergebnisse 3. Und sie können den Plan präziser umsetzen. Alle Beiträge des Autors. Meine gespeicherten Beiträge ansehen. In 47 Einsätzen erzielte er fünf Tore. Er verpasste fast die gesamte Saison aufgrund einer Knieverletzung.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}This proximity is designed book of ra twister facilitate high-speed combination play, but this particular shape pre-emptively helped Beste Spielothek in Ergolding finden opponents, provided that they were willing to do the required shifting. Man United are still in the title race English Premier League 16 hours ago. Shelby casino with Gabriel [Jesus] in that position we are in a good position. United's comeback run to end at City? Many goals Beste Spielothek in Aichschieß finden the season have come online casino winner their anderes wort für casino transitions, notably in their routs against Stoke, Liverpool, and Tottenham. To avoid the risk of losing possession and getting countered, they would not play Beste Spielothek in Niederotterbach finden passes and look to find openings on the opposite side. Top Guardiola manchester city Manchester City Home. As mentioned before though, there is no general blueprint of how Guardiola plans out a game and how the City side change rhythms, intensity, and positioning. Since other defenders on the pitch are shifting in response to the ball changing points, spatial dynamics change as a result. Although he has been targeting a replacement for Toure for the past two transfer windows, Guardiola Beste Spielothek in Unterer Tollinggraben finden he is Casino guides | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 19 whether he will buy one as he has options in Fabian Delph, Ilkay Gundogan and Danilo. De Bruyne is far less physically monstrous than for example Sissokho of Tottenham but he is superior in pretty much every other aspect of the game — his vision allows him to see things earlier and therefore react fasterdue to Citys superior structure he has to cover less space and his technique allows him to control more difficult situations. Beste Spielothek in Volkringhausen finden stormed the pitch to confront referee Antonio Miguel Lahoz at half-time of the second leg loss at the Etihad Stadium. Pep Guardiola seeks 'perfect game'. Because the inverted full-back provides more protection in the no.{/ITEM}

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If anything, he is a huge asset in possession as well. With Bravo in goal, the Chilean has some of the best feet in the world when it comes to short- and medium-range distribution.

For teams that high press the Citizens, this is a huge asset in build-up. The goalkeeper offers an extra man and allows for circulation to take place in deeper areas.

When teams go and pressure the goalkeeper or centre-backs that are in line with the goalkeeper, spaces will open up high up the pitch. These spaces are where City, alongside many other teams, are trying to target with their play.

Ederson is competent in his short- and medium-length passing, sometimes struggling when it comes to playing passes on the first touch into tight areas.

However, Ederson has an edge over Bravo, and every other goalkeeper in the world, in long-range distribution. These passes have excellent accuracy that find their intended target at a high frequency.

For a lack of a better comparison, he is the Paul Scholes of goalkeepers, with an equal propensity for physical play on the defensive side of the game.

Consequently, City have a higher versatility when it comes to ways that they can break through opponents from their deep build-up, particularly against opponents who employ a high press.

As mentioned earlier, most domestic opponents tend to drop off versus Manchester City, not challenging in the first phase of possession.

For those that wish to engage them during goal kicks, Ederson expands the possible solutions with his passing range. If an opponent steps up towards the centre-backs and crowds the first third of the pitch, Ederson introduces the capability of beating pressing schemes by playing over them and avoiding them entirely.

Ederson can then find them on the aerial pass with remarkable timing, bypassing the opposition press and playing over the majority of the opponents with one pass.

As Ederson places the ball down for a goal-kick, the opponents move up to high pressure City, expecting them to play short.

Sensing this, the front three players of City move up, knowing Ederson can reach them and that they cannot be offside on a goal kick.

A large gap is created centrally, and Ederson spectacularly plays it to Sterling. When opponents begin to anticipate this, large gaps between the opposition players will form centrally around the centre circle, providing space for City players to move into as well in order to break the press.

Ederson is more than capable of playing chipped passes that find the option in this area, giving City yet another option of how they can evade high pressing opponents.

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. City are versatile when it comes to finishing what they created by building up and moving the ball up the field.

They can pass through the vertical gaps, play the diagonal ball from the outside behind the back line, use set-pieces or counter-attack like there is no tomorrow.

Nothing is surprising about the fact a top-team like City with high-level midfielders and forwards can do it all. What has stuck out this season is how they have made use of low crosses.

Using the wings may not be something that comes immediately to mind when thinking about a Guardiola side, but he knows how to use his attacking players.

Several goals have been scored after City broke through to the touchline and crossed the ball low into the centre. Sometimes the assist had the typical attributes of a cross, which means it was a rather lateral ball.

Sometimes the assist was rather played like a backwards pass. Sometimes both were combined; just watch their third goal against Stoke City.

While the usual high cross has a low chance of being converted, and that number should be even lower when your target players inside the box are not known for being forces in the air, the low cross gives the passing player a higher degree of control and accuracy, while it is also typically faster than the high cross and, therefore, harder to defend.

What is needed to be able to play a low cross is dynamic and usually a bit of an opening. Another setup for the low cross has usually been the half-space run by one of the full-backs.

Particularly on the right side, where De Bruyne often is found wide as the Belgian drifts to the touchline and takes on the opposing full-backs, Walker has the chance to travel through the inside lane and receive the ball in the back of the defender.

When Walker did not make the run or was not in position fast enough in some of the matches, De Bruyne sometimes just punted the ball into the box.

That also happened occasionally after longer possession spells without any substantial progress. Dynamic is needed to create the right environment for the breakthrough and the low cross.

The fact they are so hard to break down is the result of a developmental process. When the season started, City were not looking like an unconquerable stronghold.

The pressing scheme was man-oriented, the intensity not quite on the level they needed it to be. The first line of pressing tried to work aggressively and block the lanes, while there was no deliberate intention to force turnovers early on.

Since the back line was steadily moving backwards, the area behind De Bruyne and Silva was growing. Especially within the first few yards behind the halfway line, City intended to interrupt any passing flow and stop the progress of the opposing play.

Since City often missed the opportunity to guide the build-up towards the touchline, they remained reactive and, therefore, could not always prevent every pass into the space behind the midfielders which then often caused danger for their own goal.

Usually the pass behind Agüero or Jesus triggered the first transformation, as the three midfielders advanced to attack the receiver or to transition into a man-marking scheme.

Around the halfway line, City pushed the two lines together, while the ball-near full-back moved forward. Deeper into the season, City started using curve-runs up front more frequently in order to set up pressing trap.

If they are not able to successfully force the early turnover, City typically transition into a , with the two wingers dropping back on the outside lanes to potentially have double coverage there.

The third phase of pressing sees them in a , as the two centre-midfielders move back and join Fernandinho to close down the middle.

The amount of mistakes committed in terms of positioning has declined. Early on, however, City players showed the tendency of moving into the wrong zones or towards the wrong opponents at the wrong time, which the example in the graphic below illustrates.

During their first match against Crystal Palace, that situation occurred. Even though Sterling made the right move and put Patrick van Aanholt 3 in his cover shadow, Walker decided to go wide instead of threatening Jeffrey Schlupp Those mistakes became rare as the season went on.

In addition to that, the centre-backs strictly stuck to man-marking in some of the earlier matches which, considering the general high line City employed due to the long spells of possession, made them more prone to being pulled away and caught out of position.

Fernandinho was able to smooth some of these situations out, but that caused him to be less present in the no. As pointed out above, City usually deploy a in the third phase of pressing.

The issue can be that they hold back and remain passive with the intention to just block the zones of importance. Without any pressure put on the ball carrier, it can lead to situations like that one, in which Taison 7 broke the line while Fred 8 escaped Silva and was only stopped by a tremendous Fernandinho tackle.

City did still not allow comparatively much in their defensive third during the first quarter of the Premier League season and continued to do so after the end of October.

The number even dropped to 1. Not one other Premier League team came even close to that. Over time, City have become far more versatile in how they set up their pressing.

A striking example was their home match against Shakhtar in late-September, in which instead of employing the typical centre-forward-vs-centre-back setup, City made use of the two wingers to make curve-runs towards the two Donezk defenders in the middle.

There was not much Ivan Ordets 18 could have done differently, since he apparently did not want to just punt the ball forward and cause a transition attack through the middle.

Jesus was probably not even visible as he hid behind Fred. He could not control the ball, but it nevertheless shows how City can utilise these traps with their high press.

City, however, did not become impetuous due to the increased intensity in the first phase of pressing. The second phase of pressing was again focussed on stability and the prevention of passes through the half-spaces or the middle of the field.

The two centre-midfielders, in particular, had to prove how they have an understanding of transitioning from a high to a midfield press.

Since the two often stood alongside or close behind Agüero high up the pitch, it would have been easy to be caught up in the situation and suffer from tunnel view, determined to produce the early turnover.

Giving up the high press and falling back into a more compact shape to contain the opponents who just outplayed you requires a high football IQ, and, of course, the right coaching.

Both are asked to move up the field and block the opponents on the wing repeatedly, for which they not only need the timing and stamina, but also the feeling for how to use body postures in order to prevent the opponents from bypassing them.

Both Delph and Walker have proven they can provide just that over and over again. Usually, the two full-backs start from a position similar to the one Fernandinho typically has, as far as height on the pitch is concerned.

Fernandinho usually dropped back and took over the initial zone the centre-back was assigned to cover. There have been only a few examples when City did not use their full-backs in that kind of aggressive role; one was in their win over Napoli in mid-October.

In that match, Walker und Delph apparently had the job to mark the two advanced wingers instead of pressuring the full-backs.

In the Napoli match, however, they were barely a factor in the early phase of pressing. Tieing them up would likely create space next to Fernandinho.

While the Brazilian has a high defensive range, he could never cover a real estate as wide as 30 or so yards at once. It might force Silva and De Bruyne to drop back, which would then decrease the intensity of the high press.

Or there would be an opening to exploit and enter the middle third. But since only a few teams have even attempted to use high wingers against City strategically, we probably have to wait for the Champions League knockout stage to find an answer to how Guardiola would react and adjust the pressing scheme.

These typical three-point build-up plays can be shut down fairly easily. Positioning two wingers high up the pitch may force the City full-backs to hold back.

But there is probably a downside to that. In order to use two wingers and keep the centre-midfielders busy, the City opponents have to rely on two build-up players at the back, which would create more distance for lateral passes.

And as Domenico Tedesco recently pointed out in an interview he gave us, the ball is loose for a moment which is the best time to pressure.

The times in which City have either just lost or recovered possession define their style of play as much as their moments in possession. While many goals have been scored through counter-attacks this season, their approach to defending counter-attacks and chasing the ball after losing possession sets them apart from the rest of England.

While a sophisticated possession style, particularly on the Guardiola level, typically minimises the threat of being hurt by transition attacks, there will remain a slight vulnerability that even the best counter-pressing would never fully solve.

Just like in the pressing department, City needed a few matches to find their groove and establish a forceful counter-press. At first, a mix of mediocre decision-making and lack of compactness between midfield and attackers line hindered them from regaining possession quickly.

Two important factors have changed that: Second, the sophisticated use of a false full-back has helped to switch from a shape behind the three forwards to a shape, allowing the two advanced midfielders to have a higher position in general, without having to be concerned about the space behind them.

It has also given the two midfielders the option to attack one half-space collectively, thus using more pressure to interrupt transition attacks or having a better chance to react to overloads.

This is how it should not be done. Instead of preparing a potential counter-press before Sterling received the ball, City just let their winger be trapped within a pack of Crystal Palace players which then ultimately led to a dangerous counter-attack, because the half-space was not protected.

This is how City often set up their counter-press these days. Because the inverted full-back provides more protection in the no.

Early on, City occasionally struggled to regain possession as quickly as intended. The two midfielders forced isolated duels, while backwards pressing seemed far from impactful.

Too often, the ball-near forward was on the wrong side of the ball carrier and just hastily attempted to pressure the opponent, with his team-mate in front of the ball not knowing how to read what the forward tried to do.

What City helped to avoid any destabilisation due to said issues in regards to compactness and coordination was smart damage control.

They always switched from counter-pressing to pressing within a short time frame. Instead of not letting it go and keeping the counter-pressing setup, they usually quickly transitioned into the midfield press.

Previous Guardiola sides have had the seconds after losing possession be key hallmarks of their game model. At Manchester City, Guardiola has instilled counter-pressing focused on eliminating the passing options for the player in possession in the shortest amount of time possible.

After having lost the ball to Bournemouth, City tried to immediately win it back, although they did not have enough presence around Andrew Surman 6 who played the lateral pass to avoid the turnover.

City did not go for another attempt but transitioned into their usual pressing formation to utilise the practised schemes.

The name may suggest otherwise, but the players participating in rest-defence are not necessarily resting. This concept illustrates how the structures between attacking and defence are symbiotic.

In order to prevent harmful counter-attacks, Guardiola organises his team in possession so that when possession is lost, they are adequately balanced to deal with transitions that happen to break through the initial counter-press.

If there are two strikers up high, City will keep three behind the ball providing cover. When three are held up, four will stay behind, and so on.

Where were the police? On Tuesday, the police know exactly what they have to do. Come to the game and support us during the game. What happened last week has happened.

Liverpool have reminded fans of the "serious consequences" they face if they are caught with flares, smoke bombs and fireworks inside the ground.

Uefa has charged Liverpool over the setting off of fireworks, throwing objects, acts of damage and crowd disturbances following the first leg.

The case will be dealt with by Uefa's disciplinary body on 31 May - five days after the Champions League final takes place.

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police said there would be "an increased number of officers around the stadium as well as in the city".

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The consequence of City having a record 16 players at the World Cup is that the squad Guardiola has available for the International Champions Cup in the United States is shorn of experience.

Of the senior outfield players in his squad, only Mahrez, French defender Aymeric Laporte and Leroy Sane, a surprise omission from the Germany squad that went out at the group stage for the first time, are available for the game against Borussia Dortmund at Chicago's Soldier Field kick-off Promising youngsters Phil Foden and Brahim Diaz are amongst the huge number of academy players in Guardiola's squad.

Guardiola has told his absent players not to return until they are mentally ready for the challenge of becoming only the third team, after Manchester United and Chelsea, to successfully defend the Premier League title.

City play Chelsea in the Community Shield on 5 August before opening their league campaign at Arsenal a week later.

City face a Dortmund side that will include Mario Gotze, who scored Germany's winning goal in the World Cup final. Like Sane, Gotze was left out of the squad and the year-old said he had accepted the disappointment of missing the tournament in Russia.

However, the Borussia Dortmund forward said he could not explain the absence of City winger Sane, who was not picked despite his outstanding performances in the Premier League.



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Liverpool - Man City {/ITEM}


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